WingArc1st - A Provider of
"Unique and Innovative Data Empowerment Solutions"

WingArc1st Inc.

WingArc1st supports companies and organizations in their efforts to make effective use of information.

We offer software and services that enable customers to effectively use and obtain strategic insights from their data.

WingArc makes every effort to provide comprehensive customer-focused services that address the unique needs of our customers and accelerate their business.

Our core products SVF (Enterprise Output Management), Dr.Sum EA/ MotionBoard (Business Intelligence) and VyNDEX (CRM) have high shares in the Japanese market. These solutions help make better use of information, enabling you to reach decisions on what matters at the time it matters.

WingArc At a Glance


We, WingArc1st.

Help customers enhance corporate value by providing unique and innovative "data empowerment" solution technology.

Customer 1st! and Surprise 1st!

Our strength comes from being close to our customers.
We always listen to what our customers have to say and try to incorporate their opinions into our product development.
On the other hand, we take on the challenge to create unique technologies that stand out over other companies and give our customers a pleasant surprise.
In product development, we place particular importance on speed and inspiration.
Not only does speed refer to processing speed and high-speed visualization, but also to the pace at which customers can understand software and start putting it to use.
Since simply being multi-functional may not be enough, we pay very close attention to speed in our software development.
Moreover, innovation requires inspiration.
When there is a need for new technological development that requires a paradigm change, WingArc1st has the initiative to think outside the box to spark innovation.


WingArc is proud to be considered as a dependable business partner by leading software corporations. Here are our certifications and recent results:

List of recent achievements Partner Award 2015 Partner Award 2015
- Best AppExchange Application Partner


Join WingArc1st and be part of the next big thing!
We are a Japan-based company, quickly growing internationally as well. If you wish to work in a dynamic and challenging environment, you do not need to look any further.
We are looking for motivated, talented people to join our global offices or our headquarters in Tokyo and take on the challenge of simplifying business practices through smart use of information. We are committed to create a better business environment both for our customers and for our employees. The passion of our talented teams is in fact what makes our technologies stand out from the crowd.
If you are interested in technology, data and software get in touch with us and discover more about working at WingArc. Please upload your CV here


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