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Business Intelligence

Dr.Sum EA

Dr.Sum EA is a business intelligence platform that makes your analyses easier. This powerful database engine lets you integrate and aggregate data from various sources. It is fast and effective, allowing users to maximize their Excel assets.

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MotionBorad, MotionBoard Cloud

MotionBoard is a next generation BI dashboard that helps business managers and users accelerate their business speed. It gives you the power to analyze and visualize all of your business data in one place, in real-time, and in only a matter of seconds.

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Enterprise Output Management

SVF, SVF Cloud

SVF is an industry standard output platform that has over 20 years of history with more than 18,000 customers creating and delivering their business documents. This is an ideal solution for system managers of organizations or system integrators who need a flexible documenting and printing solution that must meet users' uncompromising requirements.

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CRM Input


Do you want to protect your CRM investment?
VyNDEX enables Salesforce input and editing through Excel interface, helping boost your organization’s Salesforce adoption. It is simple to edit and easy to add records. Even a sales rep who constantly needs to manage 100s of opportunities can enjoy the power of Salesforce more pleasantly with VyNDEX.

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