Sep 12, 2022

Press Release

On Digital Days, WingArc1st will hold programming classes for children and release special content

WingArc1st Inc.

WingArc1st will support Digital Days on 2 to 3 October. This event was established by the Digital Agency to increase momentum for digitalization and will implement initiatives for children to get in touch with the digital world.


Digital Days was established in 2021 by the Digital Agency as an opportunity for society to regularly reflect on, experience, and review digital technology to achieve "people-friendly" digitalization.

We have helped many companies achieve DX under our corporate vision (Empower Data, Innovate the Business, Shape the Future). We strongly support Digital Days to promote the digitalization of society through public-private partnerships and will implement the following four initiatives:

1. Programming classes for children

We will hold a special version of LITE1, a programming class for children that we have previously run as part of our sustainability activities. On the day of the event, our employees will be assigned as teachers, and our CEO, Jun Tanaka, will also join as the principal.


2 October 2022 9:4512:00 (JST)

Format Online
Target participants 4th-6th grade elementary school
Capacity 10
Registration due 22 September 2022

https://lite1.wingarc.com/ (Japanese)

2. Collaboration with updataDX22

Starting with updataDX22*1, a business conference taking place from 12 to 14 October that delivers the latest topics, we will publish a daily update called the Power of Digital, with content*2 from the experts speaking at the event and our management team. 

*1 UPDATA is a coined word for UPDATE and DATA. It expresses our desire to update the world and ourselves through data.

 *2 The Power of Digital was defined by the Digital Agency as the theme for Digital Days 2022.

3. A DX website introducing WingArc1st DX initiatives

Considering IT systems and business as one and the same, we have been actively promoting DX throughout the company by promoting paperless and remote work and upgrading management using data. In 2021, we were certified as a DX Certified Business Operator by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. To commemorate Digital Days, we will publish the WingArc1st DX Report on the website on the day of the event.

4. Special content on our online data magazine

We launched "Data no Jikan" (The Data Times) in 2017, a web magazine specializing in data and DX that is read by approximately 600,000 people per month and supports the future of business people who are trying to break through various barriers with data. We will deliver content relevant to Digital Days.

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