Oct 26, 2022

Press Release

Certified by the Digital Agency as a Peppol Service Provider
Expanding business-to-business digitization options by offering distribution and receipt services for digital invoices

WingArc1st Inc.

WingArc1st Inc. has been certified by the Japanese Digital Agency as a Peppol (Pan European Public Procurement Online) service provider. This enables us to provide the necessary access points when distributing and receiving our digital invoices.

About this certification 
Certified Peppol Service Providers in Japan  (Digital Agency): https://www.digital.go.jp/policies/electronic_invoice/ (Japanese)
OpenPeppol (Certified Peppol Service Providers):  https://peppol.eu/who-is-who/peppol-certified-aps/


Efficiency on the distributor and receiver side via Peppol

As back-office operations such as finance and accounting and overall corporate transactions become increasingly digitalized, customers' distribution and reception patterns are diversifying, and distribution and reception operations are becoming increasingly complicated.

As a vendor with the No.1 market share*1 in the field of forms and digitalization in Japan, we provide SVF, a document platform solution, and invoiceAgent, an electronic forms platform, and have implemented functions that promote business transformation while minimizing changes in our customers' business operations. We have been providing services that support the digitization of business-to-business transactions on a single platform.

This certification enables us to provide the necessary access points for distributing and receiving digital invoices. By combining Peppol with our existing web and mail services, we will be able to efficiently promote the digitization of business-to-business transactions and processes for new and existing customers.

Services we can provide as a Peppol service provider 
Add Peppol support to your business with our service. Even if your business system does not currently support Peppol, you can convert to Peppol format and distribute/receive documents by using WingArc1st services.
You can store any digital documents you distributed and received in accordance with the Electronic Books Preservation Act. 
・Peppol data can be converted to reports. This increases visibility and facilitates manual confirmation of contents. In addition, it meets the readability requirements of the Electronic Books Preservation Act (Article 3, Paragraph 1, Item 4).

About Peppol 
Peppol is a global standard specifying operating rules for exchanging electronic documents such as invoices over a network, and is managed by OpenPeppol, an international non-profit organization based in Belgium. It is currently in use in more than 30 countries, including not only European countries but also countries outside Europe such as Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The Japanese administration office is the Digital Agency, and JP PINT is the standard specification for digital invoices exchanged between the seller's access point (C2) and the buyer's access point (C3).

EIPA (E-Invoice Promotion Association): https://www.eipa.jp/peppol (Japanese)

*1 Reference: Deloitte Tohmatsu Mick Economic Research Institute Co.
Competitive Survey of Forms Design and Operation Products, 2021 Edition (Forms Operation Products)

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