Jun 1, 2022


Notice of invoiceAgent and SPA Brand Integration

WingArc1st Inc.

We will integrate our document utilization solutions SPA and SPA Cloud into our electronic form platform invoiceAgent and start offering them from June 20, 2022.

invoiceAgent is a platform that converts all documents between companies into data and provides secure and high-speed distribution in the cloud. By integrating the SPA solution, which has document management and AI OCR functions, into the "invoiceAgent" brand, we will provide a single platform that implements AI OCR, document management, electronic transactions, and electronic contracts, all of which enhance the convenience of form data distribution between companies. With close integration with various external services, customers will have a stress-free environment for electronic forms that support business-to-business transactions.

The service names and logos for the invoiceAgent brand integration are as follows:

Service name Function

Integrated operation from sending/receiving to management of invoices.

Automatic sending/reply of invoices, delivery receipts, inspection forms, and other forms. This function enables hybrid operation with automatic delivery and mailing.


Document management system compliant with the Electronic Book Storage Act.

Automatically save, sort, and store document files output from other systems or created by other users. Monitors designated folders, imports based on rules, and stores files with file names that are easy for users to refer to.

invoiceAgent_holizontal_color_AI OCR-2.png

Converts forms into data with highly accurate character recognition.

AI OCR function converts documents such as invoices received on paper into data for more efficient data entry.


Electronic contracting and centralized management of related documents.

A function that enables paperless and stampless operations by digitizing all data, from contract creation, verification, and signature to storage management. Electronic contract services also enable centralized management of transaction documents based on contracts.

In addition to the RPA, workflow, and ERP areas that are integrated with invoiceAgent, we will strengthen the integration in the areas of electronic contracts and content management in the future. We would like to thank the following companies for their endorsement of this announcement. (In alphabetical order)

ATLED CORP. sincerely welcomes the brand integration of WingArc1st into invoiceAgent. An adapter integrating SPA Cloud with our workflow system AgileWorks has been available since February 2021, and with the help of sales partners of both companies, we have built up significant achievements. We are confident that this brand integration strategy will lead to the provision of more optimal solutions in response to the revision of the Electronic Book Storage Act and the invoice system, thereby contributing to greater convenience for our customers.
Going forward, ATLED CORP. will continue to further strengthen its cooperative framework with WingArc1st and strive to solve corporate issues.

Yasuhiro Okamoto, President and Representative Director, ATLED CORP.

Box Japan welcomes the brand integration of SPA into invoiceAgent.
We are convinced that users will be able to work more efficiently by using the SPA's integration function with the content cloud Box, which has been inherited from SPA to invoiceAgent, in combination with the digitalization of form data and functions that enhance the convenience of form data distribution between companies. Box Japan and WingArc1st will continue to strengthen their collaboration to provide optimal solutions to customers.

Katsunori Furuichi, President and Managing Director, K.K. Box Japan.

We sincerely welcome the brand integration of invoiceAgent at WingArc1st. The AI OCR and document management functions integrated into invoiceAgent and the UiPath Platform help to achieve automation and streamlining of form registration and posting operations, including compliance with the revision of the Electronic Book Storage Act. UiPath will continue to accelerate its alliance with WingArc1st and common partners to help promote DX among Japanese companies by realizing a "Fully Automated Enterprise™" where companies can maximize their potential through automation.

Hiroshi Watanabe, Executive Officer, Partner Sales Division Chief Partner Officer, UiPath K.K.

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