Streamline Salesforce data maintenance
with Excel operations

Are you experiencing any of these issues?
Problems in Salesforce utilization

  • Data maintenance workload
  • Boost Salesforce input rate
Data manager
  • It is a hassle to input large amounts of data one by one
  • I updated it and an error occurred! I have to spend a lot of time dealing with it...
Site manager
  • Daily project management and data updates take a lot of effort...

VyNDEX can help you solve these problems
What you can do with VyNDEX

Bulk editing

Edit and update Salesforce data in bulk from Excel.

Bulk editing of data
Familiar Excel UI Increase work efficiency by 5-10x!

Reduce the time needed to maintain big data

Familiar Excel UI

Performing operations on a familiar Excel screen greatly reduces work time.

Product management
Improve input rate at sales sites!

Reduce average input time for sales staff

Learn more about VyNDEX's features and operations

Streamline Salesforce
data maintenance
VyNDEX is available for 9.9 USD monthly

VyNDEX × Salesforce

Regular price

Monthly fee
9.9USD/1 user

Trial process



You can download the trial file after agreeing to the Terms of Use.

  • *Please note that the trial period cannot be extended.


Install the Excel add-in

Install the Excel add-in after checking the system requirements.

  • *If the installation fails, please check the system requirements.


Register user information

Register the trial user information when logging in for the first time.


Try VyNDEX for yourself

Try VyNDEX for 14 days.

  • *Please check the Excel VyNDEX tab > Help (Quick Start Guide) for operating instructions and queries.

You can download it right away.
Please feel free to apply.

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Purchase process
Credit card payments accepted

Online payment via credit card


Open the VyNDEX tab on Excel

When paying by credit card, purchases must be made through the VyNDEX add-in.
If you have not yet downloaded and installed VyNDEX, please follow the instructions here.


Click the Buy now button to proceed with your purchase

A pop-up window will be displayed with instructions on how to proceed with your purchase.

  • *Online payments can only be done via credit card.
  • *Licenses are effective immediately. (You will transfer directly from the trial environment to the production environment.)
  • *You can purchase online from a single user license via credit card payment.

Payment via quotation

When paying via quotation,
please contact us first.

Request for a quotation here
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VyNDEX is available for 9.9 USD monthly
Try it out for free
for 14 days