Integrating and utilizing data from across the organization

Data Analysis Platform

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Start utilizing data
with Dr.Sum


Are you struggling with analyzing and utilizing data
in your business and operations?

  • 01

    I want to spend my time analyzing and utilizing data instead of processing data and preparing reports

  • 02

    I want to analyze business conditions from various angles by aggregating and storing company data in a usable format

  • 03

    I want to create an environment where all employees can freely access data at any time and perform data-driven activities

Dr.Sum helps you
make the most of your data


What is Dr.Sum?

Dr.Sum is a Data Analysis Platform that encompasses all the functions needed for
data utilization in enterprises.

It consists of an analytical database engine that satisfies everyone from beginners in data warehouse construction to veterans who require a multi-functional and high-performance engine, and a user interface and data integration tools that work together.

Combining these tools allows you to meet a wide range of data utilization needs.
You can continue to use Dr.Sum as your company grows.


Reasons behind
Dr.Sum's popularity

01 Flexible
product offerings

No server required for cloud version!
Perfect for getting started!
Server license system available for on-premises version.
Ideal for company-wide deployment!

02 The operation and configuration screens
facilitate no-code development

You only need a short amount of time to learn basic operations.
It also comes with a full set of manuals, tips and learning materials!

03 Patented high-speed
aggregation database

Easily handle and maintain
large quantities of data!

04 In-house development
and support system

Feel reassured with flexible and responsive support!
Dr.Sum boasts a 93.8% customer retention rate.
*Average for all products in FY2021 results


Issues in data utilization
and the ideal conditions
you can achieve with Dr.Sum


Supports electronic data storage
tax-related ledgers and documents

Dr.Sum and Dr.Sum Cloud have obtained the following certifications from JIIMA, a third-party organization authorized by the National Tax Agency:
Certification of legal requirements for electronic form software, Certification of legal requirements for electronic document software, and Certification of legal requirements for electronic transaction software.