Aggregates and visualizes data to bring about action

BI dashboard

Source: ITR "DBMS/BI Market 2021"
Data Analysis/Reporting Market: Sales Amount Trend and Share by Vendor

Start utilizing data
with MotionBoard


Are you struggling with
analyzing and utilizing data
in your business and operations?

  • I want to increase the quality and speed of business operations and decision-making by aggregating and utilizing the needed data.
  • I want to build an environment for company-wide data utilization, not just for personal use by a few analysts.
  • I want to visualize and share data in an easily understandable format, like graphs, maps and alert notifications.
  • I am unsure how to utilize data and lack the relevant expertise and human resources in our organization.

MotionBoard helps you
make the most of your data

MotionBoard can be used
in the following scenarios

  • Management

    Visualization of management indicators
    KPI management and forecasts

  • Marketing

    Customer information analysis
    Area marketing

  • Sales

    Budget management and project management
    Sales trends analysis

  • Manufacturing

    Visualization of operating conditions
    Inventory optimization

  • Human Resources

    Visualization of productivity
    Effective placement of personnel


What is MotionBoard?

MotionBoard is a BI tool that provides
a single platform with all the functions
you need to utilize data.

With MotionBoard, anyone can easily
perform specialized aggregation and analysis work.
It also visualizes shared indicators throughout the organization
to bring about action.


Reasons behind
MotionBoard's popularity


    A wide variety of visualizations
    that cover industry-specific needs

    Create presentations that support your business,
    such as maps and calendars for the retail and distribution
    industry, and control charts and Gantt charts for the manufacturing industry.


    A rich set of
    features that
    boost data utilization

    MotionBoard is an ideal platform for
    promoting data utilization throughout companies,
    with features such as data input and report output.


    A support system
    and in-house development
    you can continue to use confidently

    MotionBoard comes with a full support system
    that includes responsive and flexible support for inquiries,
    as well as training videos, and manuals.


    Provides expertise for
    successful data utilization

    You can get tips on using MotionBoard
    in your operations,
    including expertise provided by
    industry-specific units
    and information shared
    in the user community.


    MotionBoard's Cloud version allows you to start small

    With the cloud version, you do not need to procure
    a server and storage space is included by default.


Issues in data utilization
and the ideal conditions
you can achieve with MotionBoard


I cannot obtain the data needed
for decision-making right away

Creating reports is time-consuming
and I can't focus on analysis

I cannot view figures
in a multifaceted or intuitive way,
or dig deeper into details

Ideal conditions
  • Automate aggregation
    and report creation

    Reduce man-hours spent on
    creating reports,
    and focus on
    more creative work

  • Real-time notification
    of the latest information

    Changes can be informed by email
    or by charts,
    which can
    lead to quick action

  • Facilitate timely and
    precise decision-making

    Dashboards visualize
    the latest information
    and support data-based decision-making