2022/06/20Press Release
Launched invoiceAgent Transact, a cloud-based electronic transaction solution
2022/06/16Press Release
invoiceAgent AI OCR integrated with LINE CLOVA OCR
Enhanced data conversion of irregular forms supports streaming billing operations in the accounting department and complying with the invoice system
Notice of invoiceAgent and SPA Brand Integration
2022/05/31Press Release
Launch of EcoNiPass, a CO2 emissions visualization platform
2022/05/30Press Release
Integration of BI Dashboard, MotionBoard Cloud and Electronic Reporting Tool, i-Reporter Cloud
2022/05/26Press Release
WingArc1st brings Microsoft Power BI integration to its data analysis platform Dr.Sum
2022/05/25Press Release
MotionBoard Supports Workstyle Reform at Manufacturing sites through Data Utilization , AWS AI and IoT Services
WingArc collaborates with Sigmaxyz Inc. and Hongo Tsuji Tax & Consulting in business document management business
2022/05/17Press Release
Felissimo Corporation's finance department digitizes receipt and invoice communication with suppliers.
Introducing invoiceAgent reduced man-hours for printing and mailing by one-third.
2022/05/11Press Release
MotionBoard Ver. 6.3, a BI dashboard with camera integration functionality, will be available on 11 May.
2022/04/25Press Release
Densan promotes smart government by introducing SPA and AI OCR for joint use by multiple municipalities
Saku City, Nagano Prefecture, reduces work time by using AI OCR to process forms
WingArc1st won the Best Technology Partner 2021 at the UiPath Partner Awards 2021 in Japan
WingArc held WingArc Partner Conference 2022
15 partners received "WARP Award"
WingArc1st's cloud services are registered on the Information system Security Management and Assessment Program (ISMAP)
2022/03/25Press Release
Enhanced recipient functionality for the "invoiceAgent TransPrint" electronic transaction service
2022/03/22Press Release
NEC and WingArc1st Strengthen Business Collaboration in Data Utilization to Improve Factory Activities in Manufacturing
MotionBoard has been registered on the Okta Integration Network
WingArc1st recognized as Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization
AGC Inc. Chemicals Company's "MotionBoard" use case has been released
2022/03/01Press Release
Business alliance with Singapore-based food technology company, Zeemart