Create sleek forms from Salesforce.

SVF Cloud for Salesforce


What is
SVF Cloud for Salesforce?

Forms unique to Japan
are perfectly reproduced on Salesforce.
A cloud form service that
supports various output methods.
SVF Cloud for Salesforce is a cloud form service that perfectly matches SVF, a solution utilized by a total of 32,900 companies *1, with Salesforce.
Design and output a variety of forms from Salesforce
and applications on
  • Source: *1 Total package version and cloud version (end of February 2022).

Highly evaluated by Salesforce users

Ranked first in the Large Enterprise Division of Salesforce AppExhange for 2020
Ranked fourth in the Finance and Insurance Industry of Salesforce AppExchange for 2021

SVF Cloud for Salesforce was
greatly preferred
by Salesforce users in 2021

*Source: AppExchange's Top Picks for 2021 and 2021 AppExchange Most Popular App Ranking by Industry, AppExchange site by Salesforce Japan


SVF Cloud for Salesforce has three key advantages

Highly compatible with Salesforce

Set up form output from Salesforce in just three steps


Select objects
and columns

Select the objects to generate the print button for
and the items to use in the form


Form design

Drag and drop the items selected in STEP 1
to the designer to combine them


Create the print button

Select an output pattern
and create the print button

Seamlessly output forms
from Salesforce every time

Ease of form design and expressive power

Easily design forms without any programming
Users can create their own forms from Salesforce, ranging from fixed forms to complex variable forms.

SVF Cloud for Salesforce's form design tool
makes it easy to design and revise forms,
thereby lowering costs and improving convenience.

Integration that speeds up digitization

Using SVF Cloud for Salesforce
together with WingArc1st's document solutions
will lead to further business improvements centered on Salesforce.

Digitize paper and electronic documents
with AI OCR. Perform document management
while importing to Salesforce.
Output forms from Salesforce
with just one button
Send forms to business partenrs


SVF Cloud for Salesforce comes with many features that meet customer form requirements.

Form design

SVF Cloud for Salesforce comes with a form design tool that does not require any programming.
Users can maintain forms by themselves, which helps cut costs and man-hours and makes operations more convenient.

Form output

Map Salesforce data to the form layout
and output forms using the button placed in the Salesforce layout.

Form management

SVF Cloud for Salesforce employs preventive measures
to protect customers' confidential information.

Security assurance

SVF Cloud for Salesforce supports the encryption of communications using HTTPS, access authentication using OAuth, and security using timed tokens and one-time tokens

Privacy protection

Form data is deleted immediately after creating PDF or print data, protecting customers' privacy.

Usage status, logs, and trail management

SVF Cloud Manager lets you manage SVF Cloud information for each output environment (production and Sandbox organizations).
It stores print status, usage status and printed operating status as logs, which can be used as a trail should there be unauthorized use, as well as an audit trail.

SVF Cloud Manager


Resource management
(Form files and image files)

Agent and printer management

IP address restrictions

  • Restrict Manager login and WebAPI/Agent communication to trusted networks
  • Manager enables terminal authentication