Usage scenarios

Introducing solutions with Dr.Sum
for every kind of issue and need.

Reduced man-hours spent on data utilization and
standardized operations

We were using Excel and Access for our operations but we reached our limit due to processing performance and uniquely differentiated operations.
We want to spend more time on analysis and decision making, not on aggregation.
Solutions with Dr.Sum
Provides all the tools necessary for data utilization
so even beginners to data warehouse construction can feel confident.
Creates an environment where employees
can freely access data and conduct the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle based on data.

Integrate and pre-process
scattered data

We want to integrate data within the company and between group companies, and build a data mart optimized for departments.
We want to pre-process data so that it is suitable for analysis.
Solutions with Dr.Sum
Maintain and store usable data.

For example:

  • Establish encoding scheme and data format
  • Importing supplementary data such as budgets and projections
  • Pre-calculation and processing

Big Data Utilization
and Demand Forecasting

We want to build an environment that can be used throughout the company for processing large amounts of data, including sales and inventory.
We are also considering demand forecasting and other kinds of advanced analysis.
Solutions with Dr.Sum
Build stress-free data infrastructure using Dr.Sum's in memory engine capable of aggregating one billion data records per second.
Achieve machine learning, such as demand forecasting, through Python integration.

Dr.Sum can even be used
in the following scenarios

Data utilization platform for manufacturing sites

We would like to retrieve, store and utilize sensor data to use for our improvement activities
Solutions with Dr.Sum
Retrieve, process, and store sensor data
without any programming.
Sensor data in microsecond units, which is difficult to utilize as is,
can be stored as valuable data for utilization.

Integrate with business systems to comply with the Electronic Books Storage Act

We are considering a tool to store and retrieve data to support compliance with the Electronic Books Storage Act.
Solutions with Dr.Sum
Dr.Sum is certified by the Japan Image and Information Management Association (JIIMA)
and can simplify the application process.