Functions - Accelerate

MotionBoard is a BI dashboard that transforms corporate data to valuable business insights. Discover what it can do for you.

Grasp business situations in real time

Visualize IoT data

MotionBoard features a real-time API that instantly visualizes data received from sensors to create an environment supporting quicker business decisions.

real time API

Receive alerts in real time

Data from sensors (IoT) and business operations is continuously monitored from every dashboard in real time. When a threshold is exceeded, the system can automatically alert supervisors through email notifications or activate designated programs. So manual monitoring of dashboard data is unnecessary.

Alert examples

  • Electricity consumption exceeded threshold
  • Inventory dropped below threshold
  • Sensor data anomaly detected

Notification examples

  • Email delivery
  • Web request execution
  • Server program execution
  • Extension program execution
  • Business chat push notification
Receive alerts in real time

Receive chat push notifications

Real-time notification via business chat app helps you grasp the situation without delay.

Use smartphones as sensors

A smartphone app (IoT Agent) allows easy collection of route, traffic and other information from smartphones.

Use smartphones as sensors

Real-time IoT dashboard examples

  • Real-time server monitoring
  • Smart home visualization
  • Travel route simulation
    Travel route simulation
  • Travel route visualization
    Travel route visualization
  • Office visualization
    Office visualization
  • OBD2 data visualization