Usage scenarios

These are some scenarios
of how invoiceAgent Documents
solves issues for different business documents and forms.

invoiceAgent Documents

invoiceAgent Documents helps streamline operations and reduce risks related to business documents.
These are the some scenarios where invoiceAgent Documents can be used.


Issuance of invoices


  • Printing and dispatching invoices and the subsequent filing is burdensome
  • Even if we consider implementing digitization, some business partners want documents sent by post, which requires us to go to the office


  • Sending invoices via invoiceAgent eliminates the need for mailing and filing work and supports remote work
  • Automatic distribution (division and dissemination) prevent security accidents caused by manual procedures
  • Shipping services are available for partners who wish to receive documents by post


Receipt of invoices


  • Manual approval, data input, and filing of documents create a heavy workload
  • Cannot check documents immediately in case of emergency
  • Must report to office to receive documents


  • Simplify input work by digitizing paper documents and using OCR to convert the contents to data
  • Add timestamps when storing documents in invoiceAgent and retain information such as customer name, date, and amount
  • Accounting numbers assigned by core systems are linked to invoiceAgent to comply with the Electronic Book Storage Act (saved by scanning) and originals paper documents can be discarded
  • Staff can come to the office only for scanning the documents and work remotely for other tasks


Drawings and manuals

Issues with
paper and file server operations

  • Cannot search by information to locate required documents
  • Files are not saved according to storage rules
  • Difficult to carry out accurate version management since old and new drawings/manuals are mixed
  • High risk of information leakage


  • A variety of search methods enable you to quickly find the document you are looking for
  • Use automatic distribution to manage files according to storage rules and simplify operations